Post: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=433&aid=0000011411
Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+10223, -229] Oho… Thats right good choice

2. [+8017, -239] I’m suddenly curious of who GD”s going to end up marrying

3. [+5577, -261] This is the best news about GD this year. I’m cheering for you

4. [+5207, -305] Eh? They didn’t even confirm it though?

5. [+1228, -51] If its GD, he can meet a much better woman…good

6. [+1143, -51] You did well GD, looking at it even as a guy,you could do hundred of thosand times better

7. [+1105, -41] Jiyong-ah.. there’s nothing good that could’ve came out of being with someone from that country…you did well!!!

8. [+1011, -42] So refreshing to hear, you did well^^

9. [+902, -43] You did well, awesome Jiyong-ah

10. [+929, -78] I screamed because I liked this news so muchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋDaebakㅋㅋ



  1. Dispatch is so annoying, they’re really taking liberties because YG is not saying anything so they’re saying whatever they want whether they’re dating or not and it just makes it harder for GD to have a relationship. The positive thing is Kiko might get some peace and people will believe her posts that she’s single- but then people are already dismissing the news saying they’re an on and off couple which is hilarious since no one has any concrete information about their relationship, it has always been speculation and conjecture.


  2. I perfectly understand why they don’t like her, but some comments are just mean…

    I also wanted to ask if there are comments (pann, instriz or anything else) specifically about Taeyang LIVE (skills) on smtm4.. he was just perfect *-*

    P.S. You should really use disqus for the comment section (just a personal wish of course xD)!!
    Keep up the good work and thank you for always translating about BB, you are a saviour!


  3. Ok I have a criticism which you could try to improve on @bbnetizen. Are you like a GD stan? I’m not hating but you rarely post anything about other members whereas GD, its galore. I’m not saying you SHOULD. But when you post anything about a solo member, Its mostly always GD. I wouldn’t have said this If your blog’s name was GDNETIZEN instead of BBNETIZEN.

    I saw many articles on TOP’s instagram regarding Seungri, Taeyang’s appearence on SMTM4 which made major airwaves but none of that. I wanted to get this off my chest, something you could improve on if u wish because your blog’s name is BBNETIZEN after all. Not GDNETIZEN.


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