BIGBANG MADE, The heart of the music industry 2015


Source: Naver

1. [+3019, -119] Bigbang is slaying this year, they came back after 3 years, but their presence ㄷㄷ

2. [+2427, -78] As expected, only something big bang can do~ unprecedented 

3. [+2021, -76] I believe and listen to Gadbang!!!

4. [+1940, -68] Not GD&TOP but GD and Taeyang went on IC…. HwangTaeJi; Kwanghee,Taeyang, Gdragon

5. [+1361, -115] If they comeback in autumn, that means they’ll comeback along IU..Im looking forward 

6. [+354, -18] There’s a reason a lot of hoobae’s choose them as role models

7. [+357, -21] Bigbang is the only group which is liked by both females and males 

8. [+347, -17] Seriously, its going to be hard to see another idol group like this one..

9. [+324, -14] Because of big bang, my ears have enjoyment

10. [+323, -17] Really an amazing group. More proof that theyre the best and have lasted long


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