Bigbang postpones the release of the full MADE album, and they are to return with new songs added.

Source: Osen via Naver

1. [+5562, -175] Thats right, it must be really a while and release good music♡♡

2. [+5144, -180] Can big bang rest for awhile… they worked so hard.. must be tiring

3. [+3846, -151] It’s okay, comeback with good songs

4. [+3528, -153] Even if they rest, their song won’t change~~ whenever wherever big bang is jjang~~~

5. [+3121, -143] It’s unfortunate but we can wait whilst thinking about the good songs that will be releasedㅎㅎ

6. [+395,-32] You guys went through a lot.. especially GD

7. [+356, -16] They look really busy. A group that definitely needs a rest for their health

8. [+338, -23] I did think that they need to rest ㅠㅠ rest well and come back, also happy birthday♡♡♡♡

9. [+325, -24] Well, these days they’ve been working a bunch, make good songs and come back

10. [+292, -18] Well, they’ve worked really hard…ㅜ I hope you rest well 


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