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Source: NAVER

1. [+1047, -25] Look at the fans cheering ㅋㅋㅋ looking how they give and play with the fans it looks like they’ll last a long time. If you want to survive for a long time teamwork is important also even though you guys are tired and exhausted thank you for releasing great songs that bless my ears. Always wish you well big bang fighting

2. [+916, -25] Bigbang are amazing… As expected they’re world idols…!!

3. [+896, -35] If they continue like this, big bang is going toe the one top. Truthfully its questionable whether another musician like GD will appear in Korea. As a fan I’m really worried about their healthㅠㅠㅠ Concerts and TV appearances are all good but please take careof your health… Not long ago at their chinese concert, my heart hurt so much..ㅜ This time I hope E album does well and that the MADE series ends well!!! Love you big bang!!!!♥

4. [+803, -12] What words are needed….Awesome!

5.[+716, -12] Im looking forward to the performance video!! I wish Bigbang succeed even more!!!

6.[+681, -12] I always look forward to Monday’s..why didn’t they upload it. I thought this was the end ㅜㅜ Thank you Naver and YG

7. [+633, -9] Woah looks like they are really popular with overseas fans. thats probably why they go on world tours

8. [+600, -13] Gadbigbang!!♥♥♥

9. [+560, -11] I can’t say anything except amazing. Always do your best and complete your world tour. Thank you bigbang for loving your fans

10. [530, -10] As expected big bang is the best. Their schedule is packed and it must be hard, take care of your health. The Lets not fall in love and ZUTTER stages were good and I really liked this concert video



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